Port of Seattle Contracts

(in compliance with RCW 53.08.440)

This site reflects Port of Seattle contracts as of January 1, 2010. Contracts executed prior to 1/1/2010 may not contain all required data. Data on the page will be updated/refreshed once a week, at a minimum. Fund values will remain blank for certain contracts until first activity is established. Purchase Orders will be removed from report 30 days after latest item delivery date. Contracts will be removed from report when completed.

Contract Types

  • A - One-time purchase order to a supplier for purchase of a specific good and/or services.
    Current Amount reflects original amount including modifications. See modifications detail for impact of any amount change.
  • C - Contracts for recurring fixed price contract.
    Port designated start date may be specified in lieu of execution date.
  • MC - Contracts for major public works.
  • P - Contracts for Personal or Professional Services.
  • S - Blanket Order Contracts:
    Agreements whose primary purpose is to provide an efficient method of acquiring small dollar item dollars and may also be issued pursuant to bid agreements. Contract value reflects the sum of payment activity against contract.
    Port designated start date may be specified in lieu of execution date.
  • SW - Contracts for Public Works not to exceed $300,000.
  • I - Interlocal Agreements:
    Agreements with government entities. Contract amount may reflect a lump sum or estimated value.
  • L – Agreements for outside legal services. Contract amount will reflect estimated fees.

Selection Process

  • S - Sole Source – consistent with 39.04.2801a or 53.19.020(2)
  • C - Competitive process per RCW
  • W - Waiver – pursuant to 39.04.280 or 53.19.020

Fund Codes

  • Fund Code Descriptions can be found here